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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Watching Robocop with Kit Power Ep. 3

Welcome to episode 3 of Watching Robocop with Kit Power! This month I am delighted to be joined by Jane Campbell, a superb podcaster and blogger, whose work on Doctor Who, Lost, and Stephen Universe is so dazzlingly brilliant that she was always a must-have guest for this show, so I was incredibly flattered that she agreed to appear. To add to the fun, she'd never seen Robocop before the week of recording. And it's the first instance of watching the Directors Cut on the show!

Revel! In her fury at trying to pass Dallas off as Detroit. Thrill! To her joyous queering of the text! Marvel! At the best toxic masculinity joke ever! 





For more of Jane's blogging and podcasting, please head on over to her page on Eruditorum Press.


My monthly Ginger Nuts Of Horror blog ‘My Life In Horror’, which kicked off this whole thing, can be found here.


Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made.


Theme tune provided with the kind permission of The Disciples of Gonzo, from their track Superhero. Listen to more from them here.

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