Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Watching Robocop with Kit Power - Episode 8

For episode 8, I am delighted to be joined by long term friend and minister for board games Nate Brett. Nate saw Robocop under similar circumstances to me, but had not revisited the film since, for reasons passing understanding. So this is a fun filled journey through a cinematic classic! Listen out for:


  • The video van man
  • The woeful UK tv edit
  • Action narcolepsy and why car chases are dull
  • Most hated guest ever?
  • Did Robocop inspire the future?
  • The problem with rich people
  • The child-like appeal of being made into a cyborg
  • Kit finding the scene advance button at an inopportune time
  • Nate discovering where ‘I’d buy that for a dollar’ comes from
  • Nate not actually watching the movie
  • The darkness of Dick Jones as a lover
  • Obscure Kevin Smith references
  • Bubblegum in detroit air, and the bad assery of that
  • “All the gear, no idea”
  • Metal clad men
  • Nate’s reaction to the death of melty man
  • Some politics
  • And just a touch of casual abalism



Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made.

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