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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Watching Robocop with Kit Power Episode 12

Welcome back! This month, I am joined by host of The Psycosemantic Podcast and all round top bloke Daeron Wilson, who agreed to sit with me and watch the greatest move ever made. In a classic Watching Robocop episode, listen out for:

  • Me on the scariness of Trump
  • Nancy Allen love
  • ED-209 and peaceful protest
  • Cocaine and Catholic school
  • SportsBall riots
  • ‘Don’t think much of yours’
  • Random Ray Wise slander


And much, much more. Enjoy, and as ever, thank you for listening.

Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made.

The Psycosemantic Podcast can be found here.

(the episode I guested on is here)

Theme tune provided by The Disciples of Gonzo, from their track Superhero. Listen to more from them here:

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