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Monday, 12 February 2018

Watching Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 with George Lea

In a special bonus episode, George Lea returns to the show, this time to watch and discuss seminal 80's horror movie (and just maybe the greatest horror sequel ever) Hellbound: Hellraiser 2! In a wide ranging and passionate discussion, listen out for:


  • IT - the book and film - and the storytelling of the book (including spoilers)
  • New Line logo, associative fear, and THAT opening
  • That amazing score
  • Fearless expansion of the mythology
  • “Don’t look in the box!”
  • Sounds of delighted disgust
  • Clive Barker and fairy tale logic
  • Open brain surgery
  • The brilliance of Kenneth Cranham
  • The horrific rebirth
  • Why Julia is a better villain than Frank
  • “Come to mother!”
  • ‘Russellian elements”
  • What would Larry’s hell look like?
  • The way the films make the Cenobites sympathetic antagonists without compromising their monstrosity
  • Julia just owning Frank
  • The differences between Channard and Pinheads sadism
  • Will IT give us the return of mainstream horror?
  • The Hellraiser III that never was
  • Just how cine-literate this film is

Enjoy, and thank you for listening.

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Georges superb blog, Strange Playgrounds, can be found here.

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