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Monday, 20 January 2014


Still too much happening. But I'm getting bored of numbers, so let's talk boxes.

I move house at the end of the month. One of the logical consequences of that is spending time in garages and lofts, rummaging through boxes and bags of stuff, working out what you can throw away, and realising almost none of it. If, you know, you're me.

In the garage, damp has worked it's dark and transformative magic on the cardboard boxes containing moderately intimidating amounts of books and comics, so re-boxing has become a particular pleasure. There's the inevitable sadness - such at the fact that while I do still have all six parts of Stephen King's Green Mile book in their original release format, the cover of part one and the back cover of part six have been damp-stuck to the box they were in, and are now ripped. Also a large format copy of Terry Pratchett's 'Eric', complete with many lovely illustrations, which was damaged beyond repair.

Overall, though, I got off light. And of course, you find things you'd forgotten about, that jump out and fill you with joy, unlocking whole worlds of memory that have remained unvisited for years. Like the two screen 'Game and Watch'(tm) Donkey Kong Junior that I played solidly for at least two years between the ages of eight and ten. Or the program my dad bought me from the first big rock show I ever saw - Guns and Roses at Wembley Stadium in 1991.

Such are the pleasures of the hoarder.

And then there's the books. Actually and specifically, the kids books. Books my mum had read to me when I was little. Not big hitters. Nothing world famous. No 'Hungry Caterpillar' or 'Goodnight Moon' or 'Where The Wild Things Are'. The four books I found - I doubt like hell you'll know the names. They are not great works of children's literature. They're just fun, quirky, sweet stories my mum used to read to me.

Last night, I got to read them to my four year old daughter, as she stared at the pictures and told me off for the felt tip scribbles I'd done as a child, some impossible number of years ago. We sat close, my voice finding the words that had been indelible to me as a child, then untouched by memory for over twenty years, now alive agian, fresh and familiar, my daughter hearing them brand new, absorbing with that amazing brain of hers, building them into her own childhood.

I've had worse days.

Kit Power

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In band related news, blogging as Kit Gonzo, I've announced some important Disciples of Gonzo related information this morning:

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