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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Watching Robocop with Kit Power Episode 10

For episode 10, we're joined by very special guest Dr. David Baume to watch the greatest movie ever made. matters arising include;


  • The difference between movies and films
  • The superb pacing of Robocop
  • Stunned silence at Kenny’s execution
  • OCP’s effective resource planning
  • 3 stooges with shotguns
  • The glory of the Robocop design
  • That bloody sitcom
  • That Robo silhouette
  • Judge Dredd/Robocop confusion
  • The Western connection
  • Lets blow up a petrol station
  • High density storytelling
  • The cooperative nature of movie fights
  • A faberge hand grenade
  • Curtwood Smith’s brilliant smile - and the Jack Nicholson connection
  • The laws of Robotics as applies to Robocop
  • Various grunts of appreciation/enthusiasm/disgust
  • Driller killer in reverse
  • Lee Marvin’s Point Blank


and much, much more. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

David's website can be found here:

Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made.

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