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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Watching Robocop with Kit Power Episode 11

Well, it happened. After having my dad guest on the show last month, this month I sit down with MY MUM, and watch the greatest movie ever made - for her first viewing, it transpires. And it is EPIC.

As a result of it being Mum's first time, there are a few more pauses than usual, as I give Mum a bit of space to absorb what's happening on screen, and also more narration of the action than in some previous show. But I have to say, for someone who started the weekend asking me what a podcast was, she hits her stride in considerable style. I think this will work particularly well as a commentary track, but I'm sure those of you in podcast land will also find much that brings you joy. Amongst other things, listen out for:

  • Mum's conviction that she's seen the staircase, if not the movie
  • Engagement with the eereiely predictive nature of the movies politics
  • Mum cracking me up beyond the point of repair on two separate occasions
  • The rechristening of OCP top brass as 'corporate slimeballs', I suspect for good


And so, so much more. Enjoy this one, it's really special.

Why Robocop is the greatest movie ever made.

Theme tune provided by The Disciples of Gonzo, from their track Superhero. Listen to more from them here:

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