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Monday, 11 June 2018

Watching Robocop Episode 17 /w Edward Lorn

For Episode 17, Author and Youtuber (and, it turns out, fellow Robocop superfan) Edward Lorn sits down to watch The Greatest Movie Ever Made. In a delightful, wide ranging chat, highlights include:

  • Slight delay in the early part of the recording, due to connectivity issues
  • Horror movie heroes and villains
  • The awesomeness of Paul Weller
  • World building
  • Riffing on ED209 as a Doberman
  • The endlessly shifting power dynamic


And much, much more. Enjoy, and thanks as ever for listening.

Edward Lorn's Patreon can be found here, and his YouTube channel can be found here.

Theme tune provided by The Disciples of Gonzo, from their track Superhero. Listen to more from them here:

If you'd like more regular Robocop episodes, once my Patreon reaches $20 a month, Robocop will be restored to a monthly schedule, with bi-monthly bonus episodes where I talk about Stephen King's IT. Backers get early access to both this show and my written work. For more details, check out my Patreon here:


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